6 things to consider when changing your brand

When considering a re-branding of your company or yourself, consider these things as they may help save a lot of time and money in the process and ensure it truly makes the re-brand a success.

  1. Make your brand about what you offer.  Look at it from your customers perspective, and state what *they* care about.  Solve their problem with your tag line.  Say what you do!  Don’t make customers into detectives who have to decrypt your brand to figure out what you do.
  2. Don’t talk about yourself.  Using only your name as a brand, or your personal quirks, whimsy, or likes, is unhelpful.  Talk about the actual value you bring.  Don’t list features – list solutions to the problems of your prospects.  “Smith Inc.” = bad.  “Smith Engineering Inc.” = better.  “Structural Engineers Inc.” = best.  Choose boring over cute with your brand, and save the creativity and cuteness for your actual service.
  3. Lead with the explosion!  Say your best value first, and even integrate that into your logo, name, and tagline.   Don’t bury your most popular element in the bottom of your bullet points or on slide 26.  Make it slide 1, or better yet make it the logo and put it on every slide!
  4. Make sure the brand is easy to say, spell and understand how it relates to what you do.  Don’t be mysterious.
  5. Own the Dot COM.  Get the social media handles.  DO NOT use a brand you cant own the dot com of.  Even if your brand is a long phrase like “how to cope with change” (ha ha) be sure to OWN the DOT COM, above all else.
  6. Eat your own dog food.  If you are pitching something you can obviously use in your own personal brand or corporate identity – be sure you’re implementing it to the letter.  A good way to tell if a restaurant is good is if the Chef and staff eat there often, right?
  7. Test it!  Make sure the brand works in other cultures and doesn’t offend anyone.  Test it with different audiences of groups outside of your circle of friends.   Run it by comedians to see how it can be ridiculed!

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